BlackPods Mini


Black pods, sleek and beautiful in design but small in size. The new black pods mini is the new smaller version of black pods 2. The small black pods with same audio quality but smaller in size.

All of the previous features are in the new black pods mini but it is small in size. Same as the previous one just insert them in your ear and they will start working automatically.

They are cheap but have the best audio quality you can find in such a cheap and small device.


They are also wireless headphones made from the same material from which black pods 2 was made. The material is black and has a matte finish which gives it a clean finish. The buds fit perfectly in your ears.

Audio Quality.

The audio quality is as good as the previous version. Listening to music through them sounds a lot good and crisp.

Charging Case.

The case is smaller but the listening time is more than 2 hours. The case gives a backup of 15 hours. The case has an indicator light that indicates if the pod is charging, active, or is it inactive. The case is small and fits perfectly in your pocket.

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