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Black pods


  • Thinking to stand out in the crowd, black pods are the best choice for you. Black pods are more beautiful and unique than standard white pods. They are still a perfectly respectable pair of wireless earbuds. With decent sound quality. Many retailers are trying to get rid of the remaining stock of white pods. But black pods are now in fashion and are significantly different and beautiful from original white pods.
  • They are the best choice for you if you are the owner of an iPhone.
  • These are truly wireless earbuds, with Siri controlling audio. The battery life of the pods is excellent, seamless connectivity and surprisingly best audio quality.
  • They are a bold statement that has no competitor in style, sound.


  • The white AirPods are much expensive. They launched on December 13, 2016. The normal cost is $60.
  • You may find a price drop at some retailers, because of discontinuation of the original AirPods.
  • If you want true wireless more beautiful AirPods at a low price then black pods are the best choice for you.

Design and Comfort

  • Black pods have a very distinctive style. If you use Apple’s wired EarPods, then you are familiar with how the AirPods will look. But they are much cooler than the white AirPods.The black pods are is significantly thicker than that of the EarPods because they have the device microphone and the battery inside them.
  • We tried the black pods in a number of our team’s ear, and they fir well in each of them. Everyone was able to shake their head and the pods did not fall out.
  • They feel very comfortable after a long listening period


Sound Quality

  • For all our reservations about the fit and feel of the black pods, they actually sound good.
  • There is also a good amount of space in the soundstage and the layering in the orchestral backing is pretty impressive.
  • The black pods offer a flat and thin sound experience compared to the original AirPods.


  • Simply open the black pod’s case next to your phone, then select the option on your phone screen to pair with pods.
  • After that, the pods will automatically connect to the phone every time you put them into your ears, and automatically disconnect when you take them out of your ear.
  • Taking a single pod out of your ears will automatically pause whatever you are listening to.

Battery Life


  • The battery life is really great. The battery life is up to 5 hours and is completely accurate in our test.
  • The case is an excellent work of design. The case is charged with the help of a lightning cable. Once the case is fully charged, it is enough to charge your EarPods over four times.
  • A small LED under the charging case glows red and green to indicate the charge status, and you can open the lid near a phone to check the battery status of both pods and case.
  • In short, battery life is great and much better as compared to its competition.



What we liked in Black Pods.

  • The pairing process is very good and outstanding. We are very happy with the pods the way they were able to automatically pair without having to jump in the Bluetooth section every time.

Final Words

  • There is a lot about this device that we like, sounds great, long battery life, and sleek black design. Also, these are a lot cheap than the original one and performs just like the original AirPods.


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