Black pods pro

Its 2020 and technology has changed a lot from the last year. And the good news is Black pods pro are finally here. All-new design, features, and price.

If you want a true wireless earbuds experience then black pods 2 are the best choice for you. Much lighter than the previous ones. It provides you the best quality sound you can ever have on a wireless headphone.

The sleek and bold design makes you stand out in the crowd. If you an IOS user, these are the best choice for you. The battery life is excellent. And they connect seamlessly to your device.

Design and comfort.

The first thing you will notice that they are much lighter than any other wireless headphone. Once plopped into the ear, you will not feel any kind of weight or irritation. They don’t bounce around in your ears while you are running in the park or jogging. The stems are much shorter than the previous design. Which makes them more comfortable to use.

There is a capacitive force sensor inside the stem of each pod that will activate Siri, pause, or skip tracks.

Stems have to touch-sensitive volume control to lower or increase the volume of the music. This comes very handy; you don’t have to take out your phone to do so.

The container has a new design. It has a sleek black matt finish which gives you a premium feel while holding. The container has two uses, you can charge the buds by placing them in and it is also used to store the buds so that you won’t lose them.

The silicon buds lock the pods in your ears perfectly. We can say that these are the most securely-fitting earbuds available in the market.


Apart from design and comfort, they actually sound pretty impressive. We tried different types of music. We noticed that vocals and bass sound pretty rich.

It feels like black pods are going for stronger sound performance when it comes to the mid, bass, and vocals elements.

There are two microphones, one in each pod for internal and external sound analysis.


The black pods pro has the best battery life than any other wireless headphone. It has more 4.5 hours of battery life than the previous version. With a single full charge, it gives you a back of 24 hours of listening to your favorite music.

Connecting to IOS.

Connecting to an IOS device is as easy as it was before. Just open the lid near your IOS device, a small pop-up will appear on your device. Click connect and it will connect to your device. The pop-up screen will also show the battery status of the container and the wireless earbuds.

Connecting is easy and fast because of the in-built H1 chip.

Connecting to Android.

The good news for the android users is that they can also buy it and use it with their android device. You can also use it with your windows PC.

The connecting process is a bit different from connecting to an IOS device. Long press the button on the back of the container near your phone, it will start Bluetooth pairing. Look for pods in your device Bluetooth settings and click on it.

When connected you can use it. Music experience with android or PC is also outstanding. You would not feel any difference.